Survivors Come Forward in the BSA’s Chapter 11 Case

On November 16, 2020, the Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) reached the bar date in its Chapter 11 case, marking the deadline for survivors to come forward and seek compensation from a proposed Trust.

Prior to the bar date, the national organization launched a robust noticing campaign and developed an open, accessible process to reach survivors and make it easy to file a claim – the necessary first step toward receiving compensation.

Now that all claims have been filed, the next step will be for third-party advisors to review the claims in order to uphold the integrity of the process, while the national organization works to develop a plan of reorganization to fund the proposed Trust. The BSA is committed to working as expeditiously as possible to provide survivors of abuse with equitable compensation.

The BSA is devastated by the number of lives impacted by past instances of abuse in Scouting and moved by the bravery of those who came forward to file a claim. The dual imperatives of the bankruptcy proceedings remain the same – to equitably compensate survivors of past abuse and continue the mission of Scouting – and the BSA believes the Chapter 11 process remains the best way to accomplish this. To hear directly from BSA President & CEO Roger Mosby, please click here.