The BSA Announces Court Approval for Its Plan of Reorganization

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is pleased to share that the Bankruptcy Court has approved the BSA’s Plan of Reorganization. This ruling brings the organization only one step away from emergence. In addition to approval from Judge Silverstein, the BSA’s Plan of Reorganization has also won overwhelming support from survivors of past abuse in Scouting, with more than 85% voting to approve it.

Because certain parties have communicated their intent to appeal the confirmation order, we will next begin a District Court appeal process in order to emerge from Chapter 11, which will allow survivors to be equitably compensated and preserve the mission of Scouting for future generations.  While the timeline for this process has yet to be determined, the BSA is hopeful that this matter will be resolved in the coming months and will continue to keep the Scouting community informed.

The BSA continues to be enormously grateful to the survivor community, whose bravery, patience, and willingness to share their experiences has been instrumental in the formation of this Plan. Survivors have devoted a great deal of their time and effort to this process, which will have a lasting impact on the organization—their perspectives and priorities are captured throughout this Plan and will be ingrained in the BSA’s programming moving forward.