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Scouting Community

We appreciate your continued support of Scouting as we focus on continuing our mission and creating life-changing experiences for youth – experiences that instill the values and skills that prepare our members to be future leaders of our communities and our nation.

We have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to ensure we can equitably compensate victims and continue to carry out Scouting’s mission for years to come. Scouting programming, including meetings and activities, district and council events, other Scouting adventures and countless service projects, will take place as usual.

We look forward to serving youth, families and communities for many years to come!

This short video helps explain what you can expect during the process.

Our Commitment to Keep Kids Safe

The safety of children in our programs is the BSA’s absolute top priority. That’s precisely why we’ve developed some of the strongest, expert-informed youth protection policies found in any youth-serving organization. Our volunteers and employees take youth protection extremely seriously and do their part to help keep kids safe. Additionally, youth protection training and criminal background checks are mandatory for all registered volunteers and staff.

We have an important duty to keep children safe, supported and protected, and prepare youth for their futures through our nation’s foremost program of character development and values-based leadership training. We are eager to complete this process as a stronger organization and to embrace the bright future ahead for the BSA.

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