We appreciate your continued partnership as the BSA’s national organization begins the Chapter 11 process.

Most important for our vendors: the national organization will pay vendors under the normal terms of our contracts for any goods and services delivered to our organization on or after February 18, 2020, the day we filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

We worked diligently to protect your interests as we prepared for this process. We thank you for your patience.

  • If your contract or PO is with the national organization, any payment you may be owed for goods and services delivered prior to filing will be addressed as part of the Chapter 11 case.
    • Additionally, the Bankruptcy Code gives priority to vendors whose goods were received during the 20 days immediately prior to the Chapter 11 filing (February 18, 2020). The BSA expects that such claims will be given the appropriate priority in our Chapter 11 case.
  • If your contract or PO is with one of our local councils, nothing about the national organization’s Chapter 11 process will change your payment terms, regardless of when the goods or services were delivered. Our local councils are not part of the national organization’s Chapter 11 filings.

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